Divorce Mental Health Professionals

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Sandy Pedram, LMFT & Esq. 

Divorce Coach




Ria Severance, LMFT

Divorce Coach & Child Specialist





Our Divorce Mental Health Professionals

Our licensed Mental Health Professionals offer traditional  child, tween, teen, individual, couples & family therapy, along with other services associated with their divorce specialty:

  • Decision Counseling – for couples to come to a clear, compassionate, thoughtful decision to either: sustain the status quo, separate/divorce, or commit to at least 6 months of intensive couples therapy
  • Child Therapy – for children, tweens or teens with emotional/behavioral challenges, or to prepare children for divorce, and/or help them through the divorce
  • Individual Therapy – for adults, and/or adults going through divorce
  • Couples Therapy – for adults wishing to work on building and sustaining a mutually satisfying relationship
  • Parenting Therapy – for parents wanting to increase their skills for raising healthy, resilient, competent, responsible, respectful and loving children of any age
  • Co-parenting Therapy – for co-parents in need of creating a more cooperative, civil and respectful context for raising their children
  • Parenting Plan Mediation – mediation of the “custody” (court term) agreement regarding how parents will share time, decision-making, expenses, etc. related to the children, that is later included in the final divorce agreement by an attorney mediator, or by two collaborative attorneys in a Collaborative Divorce
  • Communication Coach in Mediation or Collaborative Divorce – facilitate communication and emotion regulation as a Co-Mediator with primary attorney mediator, in a Team Mediation with additional professionals, or in a Collaborative Divorce
  • Child Specialist/Adult Child Specialist in a Collaborative Divorce