Co-Parenting Therapy

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Ria Severance, LMFT

Divorce Coach & Child Specialist




Sandy Pedram, LMFT & Esq. 

Divorce Coach




Co-Parenting Therapy

Co-Parenting Therapy helps co-parents work together to prioritize their children’s wellbeing, and to increase the skills needed to provide a stable, child-centered context for co-raising your children. The aim is civil communication, skilled regulation of emotions (reduced reactivity), and skilled, respectful proposals that increase the likelihood of acceptance, while navigating inevitable differences. These skills are needed even when parents are co-parenting in parellel fashion, with limited interaction.

The quality of your interactions before, during and after a divorce significantly impacts your child(ren)’s development and wellbeing on multiple fronts (Please see Child Therapy page). 

Our therapists assess the level of conflict, before determining whether two co-parenting therapists are required for a given couple, for a more efficient, cost-effective process. In our experience, a single therapist is not as effective with high conflict couples, as the fear and high stakes related to this work can distract co-parents to focus on whether the single therapist is sufficiently aligned with one or the other. With two therapists in such cases, each parent is sufficiently supported so that couples more efficiently get down to learning needed skills and prioritizing their children’s wellbeing.

Whether or not your co-parent agrees to participate, you can always attend co-parenting therapy on your own to increase both your co-parenting and parenting skills. Co-parenting work also helps you to be a more effective buffer for your children, to protect them from divorce-related conflict and related toxic levels of stress. 

Typically, we strongly recommend two excellent, reasonably-priced online co-parenting and parenting courses to ensure a more skilled and level playing field between parents, and a more efficient Co-Parenting Therapy process. The offers 16 online Co-Parenting classes with a Certificate of Completion for $169. At you can receive 10 online Parenting classes with a Certificate of Completion for $99.