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2024 “Divorce Doctors” Schedule:
July 19 
August 16
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October 18 

Ask Anything Divorce-Related:

  • What drives divorce costs up, regardless of the divorce process you use, and what can you do about it?
  • How can meeting together first with a neutral, financial specialist trained in both mediation and collaborative practice save you both money, regardless of the divorce process you use?
  • How are many high-conflict, low-trust couples able to mediate and ensure financial transparency?
  • How and when is it wisest to tell the children you’re divorcing?
  • Is it better to tell kids together or separately? Why does it make such a difference?
  • What can happen legally if you move out of the house, or even just out of the bedroom, without an agreement in place?
  • How can serving the divorce petition help or damage your entire divorce process?
  • How can the quality of your coparenting impact your kids’ cognitively, psychologically, behaviorally or medically, and what can you do to avoid these well-researched effects?
  • Which legal ways to divorce can actually leave you better equipped for respect and civility than you were while married?

Our Goal is to Empower You with Education!

For most, divorce is a challenging life crisis – a highly emotional time, when decisions that last a lifetime must be made, even while your world is rapidly changing around you. When you are unsure or scared of making the “wrong” move, divorce can be debilitating, unless you’re empowered with education and adequate support.