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Other Potential Members of Your Financial Team

If you own a home, hope to buy a residence or buy out a business post-divorce, it’s wise to also jointly select a VDC Mortgage Broker and Realtor, divorce specialists also trained in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. When needed, your shared, neutral Mortgage Broker and Realtor work collaboratively with your neutral Financial Specialist

Like all other VDC professionals, VDC’s Mortgage Brokers and Realtors are trained in both Mediation as well as Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team protocols to support your divorce process and inform your decision-making, before you get to the negotiating table. VDC’s Divorce Mortgage Brokers and Divorce Realtors have critical, additional qualifications to specifically address divorce-related matters.

A Mortgage Broker specializing in divorce can ensure each spouse knows the unique, divorce-related cash and credit requirements for spouses wanting to qualify to rent or seek a loan to purchase a residence post-divorce, or to buy-out a business.  A Realtor who specializes in divorce can assess the actual value of your home with comparable data for use by your attorney(s), and can work to ensure potential buyers can’t leverage knowledge of your divorce to drive down you property value.

The value of property and the loan/credit needs of each spouse are critical prior to negotiating the terms of any legal agreements with an attorney. Once your Financial Specialist has organized this data, you save money by being more fully prepared to engage your family law attorneys, in any divorce process.

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