Divorce Mortgage Brokers

Our Divorce Mortgage Brokers

You need to know your financing options before you get to the negotiating table. 

Prior to your negotiating the division of any income, assets and debts, Mortgage Brokers specializing in Divorce and trained to work collaboratively with your other divorce professionals help ensure you know, for example: 

  • What you need to get a loan, 
  • What kind of loan you can afford, 
  • Where you can get the best interest rates, and 
  • What credit you must have/sustain to qualify.  

For example, you may need to assess whether it’s really feasible for you to buy out part of the house or the family business, and what the numbers would need to be in order for you to qualify for the loans to do this.  

Ask any of our professionals for referrals to trained professionals who can help.