Next Steps?

1. First Choose your Divorce Process

Agreeing together on your Divorce Process is the single most important decision you’ll make financially and for the wellbeing of your family. Which of 4 legal Divorce Processes best fits your budget and values? Invite your spouse to attend one of our free, online Divorce Options® Webinars. Many attend Divorce Options® at least twice given that the amount of information shared can be overwhelming the first time, and to avoid paying professionals for biased or basic information. Then, be more equipped to ask clear, specific questions at our free “Divorce Doctors” Webinars

2. On the Fence about Divorce?

Meet with one of our divorce Mental Health Professionals for Decision Counseling to get clarity and confidence about whether to move forward by preparing to divorce respectfully, or pursuing clearer, more focused couples therapy goals. Decision Counseling does not aim to repair your relationship, while it does facilitate your having respectful, necessary and challenging conversations about whether and how to move forward.

3. Early Neutral Financial Consultation

All divorce processes legally require financial transparency and there are serious consequences for a lack of transparency. Cooperating together to provide financial transparency with a neutral Financial Specialist (less expensive than most attorneys) will reduce your anxiety and enhance trust, while you get your financial questions answered. The Financial Specialist you choose can gets all your financial data gathered, organized, analyzed and prepared with optional scenarios and related budgets, prior to negotiating those options with our Mediating or Collaborative Attorneys.

4. Urgent Legal Advice

Don’t make any major decisions without consulting an attorney (this includes moving out of your home or to a separate bedroom)! Ready to take on the legal challenges of your divorce? Select one of our highly trained and experienced Mediating and Collaborative Attorneys. They also serve as mediation-friendly, consulting attorneys during a divorce mediation. Some of our Attorneys also litigate, and will represent you in court. 

5. Protect Children from Toxic Co-Parenting Stress

Worried about how to tell the children you’re divorcing? There are specific guidelines. Prepare to co-parent effectively through your divorce and beyond by bringing concerns to one of our Co-parenting Specialists. Our Co-Parenting Specialists are also Divorce Coaches & Child Specialists, and mediate detailed Parenting Plans (called “custody agreements” in court) that prioritize your children and anticipate their future needs. Our Licensed Professionals address the issues co-parents argue about most post-divorce, to help you avoid future conflict and court. See our Resources page to peruse a sample Parenting Plan Worksheet to do as much as you can, together or on your own. Your Parenting Plan is typically mediated before the division of your assets and debts with your Mediating Attorney.

6. Personalized Individual Support through Divorce & Beyond

Our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are Divorce Specialists equipped to help you: prepare mentally and emotionally for different divorce scenarios, address co-parenting challenges and deal non-reactively and respectfully with your spouse, while helping you envision and live into a viable future. They are also trained to work effectively with whoever is on your Divorce Team.