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Divorce with Dignity

Our Divorce Professionals

We offer a broad choice of highly qualified Family Law Attorneys, licensed Mental Health Professionals, and Financial Specialists, who are all divorce specialists, trained in both Mediation and interdisciplinary team CollaborativeProtocols.  

Depending on the divorce process you choose, we individually, or in combinations help you address family law issues respectfully, without court battles. We empower couples’ to divorce honorably, with consideration for the wellbeing of all family members. Some of our attorneys also litigate divorce matters. 

Important Note About Mediation: Literally anyone can take a 30-40 course in mediation and advertise themselves as “divorce mediators.” Mediation is not a profession overseen and regulated by the state or any governing body. Our view is that the primary mediator must always be a licensed family law attorney, educated and knowledgeable about the law and the writing up of legal documents. In addition to being trained mediators, all VDC professionals are licensed or certified in their fields of expertise, with a specialty in Divorce and/or Trusts & Estates, in addition to being trained in interdisciplinary Collaborative Team Protocols. 

Our professionals aim to honor human dignity and celebrate diversity. All our professionals are independent practitioners, trained in both mediation and collaborative divorce and/or collaborative trusts & estates. Learn more about our Professionals

Our No-Cost Divorce Options® Workshops provide detailed information about the four legal methods to divorce, and the pros and cons of each. Choosing your divorce process based on your budget, your family’s specific needs and values is the single most important decision you will make. Our No-Cost, Divorce Doctors Webinars allow you to learn more about various divorce topics with a focus on answering your questions.Our Mission

VDC’s interdisciplinary professionals guide you through a no-court divorce to address your unique financial, legal and relational needs. We support your crafting resolutions that prioritize your highest values, and protect the dignity and wellbeing of all family members.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of VDC is to provide qualified collaborative professionals living in and/or licensed/certified in California, a supportive community of colleagues who together learn, and promote the growth of Collaborative Practice and Consensual Dispute Resolution options and protocols. 

Our collaboratively-trained professionals empower clients to generate solutions that preserve assets, the dignity and wellbeing of all family members, and serve especially to protect children, including adult children, from the toxic stress of high conflict litigation.