Sandy Pedram, LMFT & Esq.

Sandy Pedram, LMFT & Esq.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Tel: (310) 991-2111

While Ms. Pedram’s roles as a licensed clinician and attorney are and must be clearly distinct, she cannot help also being informed by her additional layer of knowledge and expertise in both clinical and legal realms.

Ms. Pedram serves as a licensed (clinical) divorce “coach” on team mediations and in collaborative divorces. In a loving, hopeful context, Ms. Pedram coaches divorcing clients to get past their blind-spots and to let go of negative stories that inhibit their communication effectiveness and forward movement. Divorcing clients also become adept at managing the intensity of disorienting feelings that divorce activates for most adults. Coaching clients learn to cultivate their sources of stability and structure amidst the distress which naturally arises, while future outcomes are unknown and uncertain. Divorcing co-parents build trusting, collaborative relationships as they learn the tools needed to be curious and courteous, prioritize their children’s needs, buffer them from adult conflict, and uphold effective boundaries and limits. With cross-cultural expertise, Ms. Pedram’s approach sensitively and flexibly adapts to diverse client experiences, issues, views and values.

As an attorney mediator, Ms. Pedram brings both her lawyer and licensed-clinician experience to serve divorcing couples and families, and prioritizes children’s wellbeing. For team mediations and collaborative divorce work, Ms. Pedram’s commitment as a clinician-coach is to empower you to master the skills you’ll need to grow through the challenges of your divorce experience. You learn to build on your competencies and develop your resilience, during a time when people are typically at their worst.

Ms. Pedram has 20+ years’ experience working with families in crisis and in transition, as both an attorney and clinician. She functions as an attorney when she serves as one of two collaborative attorneys, serves as the primary attorney mediator, or serves as a consulting attorney on a mediation case.  When serving as the primary attorney mediator on a case that she considers clearly requires additional clinical support, she reserves the right to call in additional coaches as needed, to keep her role well defined while also ensuring clients are able to move forward.

While all collaborative professionals are required to also be trained mediators, Ms. Pedram’s combined background as both a licensed lawyer and therapist gets you beyond conflict in mediation, to your shared interests, priorities and benefits. Mediation and collaborative practice allow Ms. Pedram to balance her strengths as both an empathic healer (clinician) and legal expert (attorney) to enable divorcing couples to establish a respectful space for different perspectives, and to problem-solve creatively, together, to serve the wellbeing of all family members.

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