Kimberly Malesky, CDFA®, MBA, CFP®

Kimberly Malesky, CDFA®, MBA, CFP®

Family Financial Mediator
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Divorce is not for the faint of heart. While common, divorce is often a significant life crisis for the people experiencing it. Kimberly Malesky founded Ezharmony, LLC Divorce Solutions after working in the financial industry for 15+ years, and seeing the great need to support couples, at the beginning of their divorce. 

For years, clients sought Kimberly to invest and manage their finances, after finalizing their divorce. Too often, Kimberly noted substantial financial benefits that were missed or lost when clients didn’t access her expertise before their divorce.

As a financial neutral mediator, Kimberly works with divorcing couples at the beginning of any divorce process: Do-It-Yourself, Litigation, Mediation, Co-Mediation, Team Mediation or Collaborative Divorce.  Kimberly is a divorce financial specialist who helps both partners gather, organize and analyze the specific financial data legally required from each of you for any divorce.

She charges a lower rate than most attorneys, provides expertise in the divorce financial realm, and works to secure legally-required transparency so you are prepared to make well-informed financial decisions when you meet with your attorney(s) to address the legal aspects of your divorce. 

Often, divorcing couples delay or stall their divorce when they don’t fully understand or fear the long-term ramifications of divorce financial decisions. They may fear making an unwise financial decision, fear failing to request monies they are entitled to, or fear giving away more than is reasonable, etc.

Your attorney(s) clarify the law and your legal entitlements. Kimberly provides a respectful context, using mediation skills and financial expertise to help ensure you are both fully apprised of your financial status,  prepared and equipped to make well-informed financial decisions. Partners have a shared understanding of the financial impact of various decisions before they even approach negotiations with their attorney(s). Kimberly helps partners consider different possible scenarios for sharing their assets and debts, by preparing budgets for these different scenarios ahead of your having to decide.

When divorcing couples are thus prepared, they are typically far less anxious, more confident, more trusting of one another, and therefore far better equipped to work with their attorney(s) to decide how they will share their assets and debts, or to work with their trained, mediating therapist to resolve their parenting plan (custody agreement).  

Kimberly Malesky is a CFP®, MBA, CDFA®, trained in mediation and collaborative divorce protocols. She is also a 2023 Fellow with the American Bar Association, serving on their Early Dispute Resolution committee. For more information on Kimberly, please visit her LinkedIn profile, or above referenced website.

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